Rohl is a company specializing in luxury kitchen and bathroom fixtures. They offer a wide range of products, including faucets, sinks, showers, and accessories, all designed to provide both functionality and elegance. Rohl is known for its high-quality materials, craftsmanship, and attention to detail, making their products popular choices for upscale homes and renovation projects.

Rohl offers several distinct product lines, each catering to different design styles and preferences. Here's an overview of some of their main product lines:

Perrin & Rowe: This line features traditional and classic designs, inspired by English country homes. Products in this line often incorporate classic styling, elegant curves, and detailed craftsmanship.

Lux: The Lux line offers a more contemporary and modern aesthetic, with sleek lines, minimalist designs, and a focus on functionality. These products are often characterized by their clean and sophisticated look.

Michael Berman: Designed in collaboration with designer Michael Berman, this line combines modern design with traditional influences. It offers a blend of classic elegance and contemporary flair, with a focus on luxurious materials and finishes.

Italian Kitchen: As the name suggests, this line draws inspiration from Italian design, offering products that are both stylish and functional. These products often feature a combination of classic Italian design elements and modern innovations.

Modern: The Modern line features products with a distinctly contemporary design, featuring clean lines, geometric shapes, and minimalist aesthetics. These products are designed to complement modern interiors and provide a sleek, streamlined look.

Country Kitchen: This line is inspired by rustic and farmhouse-style kitchens, offering products that are both charming and practical. These products often feature traditional designs, natural materials, and a warm, inviting aesthetic.

Overall, Rohl's product lines cater to a wide range of design preferences, from classic and traditional to modern and contemporary, ensuring that there's something for everyone.