Kindred Sinkware is a brand that specializes in kitchen sinks and related accessories. They offer a range of products including stainless steel sinks, faucets, and sink accessories. Kindred sinks are known for their durability, functionality, and stylish designs, making them popular choices for modern kitchens. They also offer a variety of sink configurations to suit different kitchen layouts and user preferences. Overall, Kindred Sinkware provides high-quality products that can enhance both the aesthetic appeal and functionality of a kitchen.

Kindred Sinkware offers a diverse product line that caters to various kitchen needs. Here are some key products they typically offer:

Stainless Steel Sinks: Kindred provides a range of stainless steel sinks in different sizes, configurations (single bowl, double bowl, etc.), and styles (undermount, top mount, farmhouse) to suit different kitchen designs and preferences.

Faucets: They offer kitchen faucets that complement their sinks, available in different finishes and styles to match various kitchen aesthetics.

Sink Accessories: Kindred offers a variety of sink accessories such as cutting boards, colanders, grids, and strainers, designed to enhance the functionality and usability of their sinks.

Sink Installation Kits: To facilitate easy and proper installation of their sinks, Kindred provides installation kits that include necessary mounting hardware and instructions.

Additional Products: Depending on the specific needs of their customers, Kindred may also offer other related products such as soap dispensers, sink racks, and maintenance products for stainless steel sinks.